Vocals Warm-Up Exercises for Singers | Downloads and CDs

Vocals warm-up exercises help singers increase their range, tone & power

Singing warm-up exercises on CD and online download

Use the warm-ups anywhere – at home, in the car, on your phone and always before you sing.

Great as a comprehensive vocals workout to add to your voice training routine or as a pre-performance warm-up.

Musicademy Essential Vocals Warm-Ups

vocals warm up exercises cd and mp3 download

Our best selling CD/download with 26 exercises including options for 5, 10 and 15 minute warm-ups. Each exercise is demonstrated by a vocal coach and then played on the piano so that you can sing along.

Exercises range from simple, gentle options to more advanced techniques. See our article for more information on what each of these vocals warm-ups achieves.

Available on CD or as an online download.

Musicademy Advanced Vocals Work-OutVocals-warm-up-work-out-exercises

A comprehensive range of exercises designed to extend your singing ability, range and control. This is like taking your voice to an army bootcamp!

Includes breathing, warm-ups, diaphragm development, diction, ear training, intervals, major, minor and chromatic scales, singing licks, improvisation and more. Significantly more than a set of warm-up exercises!

Available on CD or as an online download.

Vocal warm up and workout exercises for menThe Vocals Work-Out for Guys

29 exercises especially for the male voice. Includes a 3-pronged warm-up (voice, placement and diaphragm) plus extensive technique exercises for new and more advanced singers. Covering everything from breathing and expanding your range (including falsetto) to performance skills.

Available on CD or as an online download.

Free booklet explaining the Guys Singing Exercises.

Vocal workout exercises for womenThe Vocals Work-Out for Girls

27 exercises especially for the female voice. Includes a 3-pronged warm-up (voice, placement and diaphragm) plus extensive technique exercises for new and more advanced singers. Covering everything from breathing and expanding your range to performance skills.

Available on CD or as an online download.

Free booklet explaining the Girls singing exercises.

Vocals Warm-up Exercises – video downloads

Sometimes it is easier to get the breathing and vocalisation technique right is you can “see” it as well as hear it. That’s where the Musicademy video download comes in. Over an hours’ filming of vocals warm-up exercises professionally taught by a number of Musicademy vocals coaches.

Which vocals warm-up option is right for me?

Who teaches our vocals exercises?

The Musicademy Essential Warm-ups are taught by Kate Silber (right below), co-founder and fomerly Head of Vocals at Nexus, Europe’s largest worship training college. Kate previously worked full time as a singer in a UK touring band teaching in schools and training musicians.

Our Advanced Vocals Work-outs are devised and presented by Deborah Clarke (left below). Deborah was Musicademy’s first vocals teacher and is a multi-talented singer, songwriter who as well as gaining a distinction at the Academy of Contemporary Music, has written tracks and sung on a number of professional albums.

Vocal warm-up exercises to download

The Girls and Guys work-outs are taught by professional singer and vocal coach Natasha Andrews (pictured below). Natasha has been a backing vocalist for high profile artists including Lemar, Diana Ross, Rosie Gaines, Take That and Madonna on tours and live shows as well as TV and radio. When not performing Natasha teaches and runs a community choir.

Testimonials about our vocals warm-up exercises

“As a College lecturer in vocals, and also a private tutor, I find the Musicacademy vocals CDs invaluable. My more experienced students enjoy the Advanced CD, while everyone has really enjoyed the other basic CD.”
Eve Bagnall, Preston UK

“Love this product! I’ve been using this for about 2 weeks, and Ive definitely felt more free in my voice, quickly. Highly recommended for any singers. I feel many of us never really practice anything but the music we are singing. But the voice is a muscle, and needs to be exercised properly. This gets the job done and improves everything! Thanks!”

“I bought the Essential Vocals warm-up CD with the vocals package about 4 months ago and I have used it every Sunday morning on my drive to the church. It has been a wonderful addition to my Sunday routine. The warm-up is very effective and having a CD is a great way to get a great warm-up in, in the car, where no one can laugh at you or hear you early in the morning. I recommend it to anyone who sings on your team. Thanks for this great resource.”

“Just to let you know how delighted I am with both of the CD Vocal work outs. Essential Vocals Warm-Up and Vocal Workout. I use them every day I have found a distinct improvement with my range, tone and support. Also they are good fun.”
Ray Hook, Lake District UK

“I bought this product in order to do some last minute vocal training before heading into the studio with my band, and it definitely saved me some time when it came to recording the higher vocal parts.
While some of the exercises get rather high for a male voice, I have found that singing them an octave deeper than the recording is a good way to strengthen the lower part of your range, before working up to those higher notes.”

“Great for every day use. As well as a warm up it has helped to extend my range. A must for every singer”

“I have used the Advanced Vocal Workout CD myself and with teams and each time I am surprised by what it does for my voice, my teams and our confidence. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to increase their range and vocal ability. It is well worth the price and I would recommend wholeheartedly.”
Taiki Dimas