Worship Drums | training for Christian drummers

Do you want to play drums in church worship?

Take your technique, timing and creativity to a higher level with a years’ worth of worship focused drum lessons.

Each of our drum courses features lessons, practice click tracks and tips from pro drummers and worship leaders plus guest lessons from the new Delirious drummer Paul Evans.

Beginners Worship Drums

A download-only set of 20 worship guitar lessons suitable for existing players.
Perfect for complete beginners of those wanting to go over the foundations of great drum technique. On this 6-hour course you will learn:

  • A full range of beats, rhythms, fills and breaks
  • Single strokes, double strokes and paradiddles
  • Good posture, grip, sticking and hi hat technique
  • How to play with a click and develop a better sense of timing
  • Techniques for playing hymns in a contemporary style
  • Percussion skills including djembe, conga and digeridoo
  • How to choose and tune a drum kit

Intermediate Worship Drums

Take your drumming technique, timing and creativity to a higher level with a years’ worth of worship focused Christian drum lessons.
See video above for a preview of both the Intermediate and Beginners courses (available on DVD or online).

By following this 6-hour course you will learn:

  • A new range of rhythms, breaks and techniques
  • Limb independence, timing and ability to play with a click
  • Accents, bounce strokes and unusual time signatures
  • Hi hat, rip, sticking and kick technique
  • How to set tempos confidently and accurately
  • Techniques for playing hymns in contemporary styles
  • Hw to lead a drum circle
  • Percussion – djembe, conga, digeridoo and more

Hand 2 Hand – Hand Drumming & Percussion

This 2-DVD course, presented by Psalm Drummer Mark Jones, is packed full of techniques and exercises to help you master the fundamentals of hand drumming. Perfect for beginners and kit drummers wanting to learn hand drums, and existing percussionists wanting to improve their technique. The DVDs include:

  • Good posture and hand positioning
  • Hand drum tuning
  • Open, closed, muffler & bass tones
  • Open & closed slap
  • Heel & toe techniques
  • Single & two handed flam
  • Finger tip, feathering, sliding & skin tones
  • Doubles
  • 5, 7 & 9 stroke rolls
  • Combining patterns
  • Using fills & accents
  • Playing with & against the groove
  • Swinging a straight groove
  • Developing feel in live playing
  • Integrating rhythms with the drum kit
  • Playing as a soloist,with one other instrument and as a band member

Drums Work-Out CD

Three 20 minute practice routines that will help you warm up, develop your fills, breaks and rudiments and give you a great drum work-out.

Work-out to a variety of clicks, rudiments and breaks.

Develop your timing, fluidity, break and fill repertoire. Ideal for daily practice or warming up before a gig



“I purchased the Musicademy Worship Drums courses. As with all the Musicademy tutorial courses they are excellent and I am enjoying following the lessons and inspiring tips from Christian drummers.”
Allan Garrard, Brighton, UK

“I have used the guitar DVDs, keyboard DVDs and the now the drum DVDs – all of them are very well done. Having been a band director for 16 years, I have to say that the pedagody is exceptional, making them easy to use and very effective.”
Nick Daugherty, Iowa, US

“This reviewer has been playing drums in a variety of church contexts for over 20 years. And still there were a few new things to learn during the six hours of lessons and tips presented here! That is a testament to the quality and depth of the training on offer. Much of the advice given in these DVDs would otherwise take a player many years of trial and error and mistakes to discover. Such as how to count in a song on time, or how to quickly tune a tom, or how to do a press roll. It is very difficult to think of any point that has been missed out here. The only one is perhaps technique for the kick drum foot, but apparently that is covered in the intermediate course. Main presenter Colin Brookes has a natural and friendly style, and is able to communicate with clarity and enthusiasm at all times. You feel like you are getting the personal touch, even to the point of him making the occasional mistake and not hiding it with an overdub or re-recording! The multiple camera shots of feet and hands are helpful (though not always in sync), and the main rhythms are also written on the screen as drum music. There is plenty of advice spread through the lessons from professional drummers and worship leaders. A lot of it is helpful, particularly comments from drummer Martin Neil and worship leader Chris Bowater, while others can actually be a bit condescending. But that just gets the budding drummer used to the attitudes to be faced at times in the real world. There is no substitute to regular and sustained practising, but this resource will put you on the fast track to competence with confidence.”
Andy Cooper, CrossRhythms.co.uk

Drum Training Tracks (MP3 download)

Worship training tracks for drummers featuring:

  • Left “stripped down” mix for learning (drums and vocals only)
  • Centre “full band” mix for practising (including drums)
  • Right “worship leading” mix (full band minus drums)

Use our training tracks to:

1. Learn the drum parts
2. Practise with the band
3. Play along to a drumless track

For every song you get three versions. One stripped down mix for learning, features drums and vocals only. One full band mix including drums and one worship leading mix with the full band minus drums.