Worship Keyboard Lessons and Courses

Beginners Worship Keyboard Course

Learn to play keyboards in worship with a proven step-by-step method without having to wade through traditional worship piano lessons

  • Learn to play well known worship songs & hymns in different keys
  • Use major, minor & slash chords as the basis for contemporary piano playing
  • Follow guitar and keyboard chord charts rather than traditional music scores
  • Play scales, arpeggios & chords understanding how to use them in modern worship songs
  • Use voicings & inversions for smooth sounding chord changes
  • Develop right & left hand rhythm skills in worship & introduce variety using broken chords, auxiliary & passing notes

“Very excited by the Keyboards course. Just what the doctor ordered. Great production,  great pedagogy.”
Samuel Ekong, California, USA

Intermediate Worship Keyboard Course

Either for existing keyboard players who want to take their skills up to the next level or people who learnt to play classical piano but now want to play contemporary worship music with ease. The Intermediate Worship Keyboards Course will enable students to:

    • Approach the keyboard as a chords-based instrument & lose your dependency on the music score
    • Integrate added, suspended and extended chords into your worship playing
    • Use inversions & alternative voicings for smoother playing
    • Develop left and right hand rhythm skills to fit the groove of the worship song
    • Improvise using melodic fills, auxiliary & passing notes
    • Use string, pads, electric piano and organ sounds
    • Develop techniques for leading worship as a keyboard player
    • Gear guide – choose the right equipment for you
    • Learn to play by ear

“We have been using both the guitar and keyboard courses for our worship team this year and have really enjoyed being stretched and challenged in our technique. They have been really helpful. People in the fellowship often comment on how much the team has improved.”
Rashell Beya, Devon

Note – the intro video shown above covers both Beginner & Intermediate courses. The Intermediate is no longer available on DVD.

Advanced Keyboards in Worship Course

Learn advanced keys parts to worship songs:

  • In-depth instructional video lessons for each song
  • Multiple keyboard parts unpacked in detail for 10 contemporary worship songs
  • High quality backing tracks to play along to with on-screen chord charts
  • Use Hammond organ as well as authentic string, pad & synth sounds
  • Use modulation & delay effects
  • Create melodic interest & use riffs to develop effective parts
  • Ideas for two simultaneous keys players

The Worship Keyboard Collection

Discover the techniques, tips and ideas in contemporary worship keyboard playing by learning pro keyboard parts to 18 well known worship songs.

This new 4-DVD (or downloadable) set contains  a year of lessons teaching you the chord shapes, voicings, rhythms, fills, passing notes and textural sounds that pro players use to create keyboard parts in worship.

Most importantly you’ll learn how to form simple effective parts that fit in with the rest of the band

In each lesson you will listen to the parts, see the chords on screen and break the parts down section by section so you never miss a note.

Every song has at least two keyboard parts so you’re never stuck for fresh ideas and at the end of every lesson there’s a full song play through that you can return to time and again for daily practice

If you like working with physical chord charts you can also use our super chord charts for each of the 18 songs.

Song Learner Series for Worship Keyboards

Available as downloads and also streamed on our subscription site, these 20-30 minute lessons will teach you further techniques and consolidate the learning you have enjoyed on the worship keyboard courses. Half price when you buy 10 or more lessons. Songs featured include:

  • Blessed Be Your Name
  • In Christ Alone
  • The Wonderful Cross
  • Indescribable
  • Majesty (Delirious)
  • How Deep the Father’s Love for Us

“Musicademy is certainly making a name for themselves as a preeminent worship musician instructional group…..With the beginner’s set, you could jump in without ever having touched the keys. The teacher walks you through chord-based playing instead of musical score. This makes it ideal for someone looking to get in quickly with all the tools they need for most church worship styles. The intermediate course is set up for the player who has some history with the piano and wants to build on that knowledge to give their playing a style that best serves worship. Also, someone who simply wants to take their playing to the next level will find the right tools here. With multiple camera angles and obvious experience in teaching music, the Worship Keyboards Course is another great release from Musicademy.”
Worship Leader Magazine