Free resources for worship leading

Below are links to a hand-picked selection of some of our most popular articles on worship leading from the archives.

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18 common worship leading mistakes and how to avoid them

Ask the Expert – Is it OK to change keys to make my voice sound better?

Graham Kendrick’s Guide to Psalm Surfing

Becoming one of the chosen (or how to get to play at Christian conferences)

How to move seamlessly between songs

5 tips for transitioning and flowing between songs

A salute to the average worship leader

Ask The Expert – What to say when leading worship

How to introduce a new song

How to maintain a flow of worship

When playing just the hits is the right thing to do

Admin and prep

Choosing keys for women worship leaders and small congregations

Segueing worship songs: a list of songs that work well together in a medley

Preparing spontaneity in worship – part 1

A practical how-to guide to arranging a song


Ask the Expert – Is it OK to make a worship song our own, or should we follow the original recording?

5 things that happen when the songs are too high

Small churches and home groups

Under resourced, under staffed and playing songs that looked dated fifteen years ago… small church worship?

15 ideas for worship without a band

Worship for small groups – hints, tips and ideas

Advice on leading small group worship