Contemporary worship songs for piano alone

By [email protected] |

We have a lengthy discussion in our Facebook Group about recommendations of contemporary worship songs that work well with just a piano to lead. With a capable pianist you have the opportunity to explore more hymn-like songs with multiple chord changes that guitarists struggle with. But of course this is also very dependedn on the […]

Musicademy Scratch Gospel Choir: One Voice

By [email protected] | May 5, 2019

When we run worship training days we always include a Gospel Choir Workshop. Our most recent, led by Nicki Rogers was something very special. Musicademy Scratch Gospel Choir: One Voice With singers drawn from churches from across London, the home counties and elsewhere, Nicki taught the song and all the harmonies in a little over […]

New song from Common Hymnal: Communion by Matt McCauley

By admin | April 18, 2019

We’ve worked for years with our dear friend Malcolm DuPlessis who was instrumental back when Musicademy was first founded in helping us get our DVDs out there, particularly into the US. Malclom has been working in recent years on a new project called Common Hymnal. Rather than me describe what it is all about, I’ll […]

Worship Leader Training: Beginning and Ending Songs Well

By admin | April 11, 2019

We had a vote in the Musicademy Worship Community (our Facebook Group) to see which of the 20 lessons in our Practical Worship Leading course people wanted to have made free-of-charge on the blog. This is the lesson that won. Leading worship: beginning and ending songs well This lesson unpacks a range of ideas and […]

Creating guitar parts for worship: Effects and Timbre [Video]

By admin | April 5, 2019

Here’s Matt Isaac’s fourth video exploring ways of creating electric guitar parts in worship. Effects and timbre for electric guitar in worship Key points covered in this video: Different tones to different strings Where are you picking, warm or bright? Picking dynamics How can you shape a part with pickup choice? Effects can enhance what […]

MultiTrack worship backing track systems compared

By admin | March 15, 2019

The worship MultiTrack environment is awash with different providers, software applications and a range of somewhat confusing pricing options within each. Taking the decision on which to use is a considerable one not least as most come with their own proprietary software. Once you’ve invested in one system making the switch to another can be […]

What are the biggest issues facing worship teams right now?

By admin | February 11, 2019

That’s the question we posted to the Musicademy Worship Community, a 3,000+ strong Facebook Group comprised of worship musicians from multiple denominations and church size all around the world. We were immediately inundated with responses with many common stories of dwindling numbers of musicians, lack of budget, old equipment, time pressure conflicts and other demands […]

9 tips for organists: Leading worship in a traditional setting

By Sacha Tomkins | January 30, 2019

Here at Musicademy our focus has always been on contemporary worship music (or at least introducing contemporary techniques to more traditional music and musicians). Less so on traditional music, e.g for an organist! However… Our recent batch of guest writers have brought an additional dimension, with professional¬†choral conductor, pianist, organist and singer Sacha Tomkins writing […]