28 Do’s and Don’ts of Christmas service planning

By admin | December 4, 2018

  DO plan well in advance and lock everything down in good time with the leaders DO choose and circulate your music/key choice well ahead of rehearsals. Christmas is often the one time of year when you have orchestral and brass instruments joining the band. They tend to prefer a musical score (which doesn’t tend to […]

Why Advent?

By Evron Sampson |

  Advent is a time to take spiritual inventory. A time to look at the bad spiritual habits that we have fallen into and take steps to break them. Advent helps us to seek to be Christ-like. What a wonderful opportunity to examine ourselves – to take stock and confess those things that lead us […]

Split track backing tracks for x10 carols

By admin | November 23, 2018

For churches that don’t have any musicians, and simply want a backing track product that offers them quality “karaoke” worship tracks, there is no need for the Worship Backing Band MultiTrack Player with all its functionality of filling in for missing musicians, looping, key and tempo change. Our option for such churches are our budget […]

New Remembrance Day Hymn

By admin | November 9, 2018

Former Musicademy drum tutor Richard Morgan is now a school music teacher and he has written a new hymn for Remembrance Day. Your congregation will recognise the tune (it is Londonderry Air / O Danny Boy) so it should be a fairly easy new hymn to teach this weekend: YouTube: Facebook    In Every […]

Creating guitar parts for worship: Range and Density [Video]

By admin |

Here’s Matt Isaac’s second video exploring ways of creating electric guitar parts in worship. Range and density for electric guitar in worship Key points covered in this video: Pitch variation can be found within shapes, via string choice, not just along the fretboard Listen to other parts, use range to avoid overcrowding, and to contrast […]

[Flash sale] Save at least 25% on the Musicademy Electric Guitar Course

By admin | October 17, 2018

  Use the coupon code ELECTRICSALE to save an additional 25% on either the Electric Guitar DVDs or alternately, the downloads. With the downloads you will get an automatic 25% off when the full course is purchased and the code will take another 25% off whatever your total is when applied during the checkout process. Click HERE for the DVDs […]

Creating guitar parts for worship: Space and Dynamic [Video]

By admin |

New electric guitar video series by Matt Isaac Welcoming guitarist Matt Isaac to our team of bloggers with the first of a series of videos exploring ways of creating electric guitar parts in worship. This first video is quite “talky” but those coming up in the future are a lot more hands-on. Space and dynamic […]

Reflections on a week at New Wine (summer festival)

By Niall Blackburn | October 9, 2018

Another guest post from our new team of guest writers. This time the writer is Niall Blackburn, a worship pastor from Woking in the UK. He writes about his experience as someone under 30 at the UK’s largest Christian festival/conference, New Wine. As background New Wine is a family of churches in the UK. It also established […]