Developing a sense of timing in your worship team

By [email protected] | October 17, 2016

Someone once told me that music with dodgy tuning is folk and music with dodgy timing is jazz… So does that mean lots of worship bands are actually playing sophisticated jazz-folk? All jokes aside, so many worship teams could improve their sound immensely if they just focused on improving their sense of timing. Most musicians […]

Same old chords new shapes

By [email protected] | October 5, 2016

Recently a guitar student asked me to teach them a cover version of Katy Perry’s California Gurls by YouTube boywonder Alex Goot. This kid is one of the many internet viral sensations building a readymade fan base poised for when they come to release their own music by covering other people’s songs and filming themselves […]

How inclusive are the worship songs we choose and the music we make?

By [email protected] | September 23, 2016

Some questions: In an age where much of our congregational worship music is designed for large gatherings or even designed to attract large gatherings does it really best serve the vast majority of Christian worshipers who aren’t in large churches with good quality musicians? Is the worship music we use actually the best tool to help people sing […]

Working with backing tracks and MultiTracks

By [email protected] | August 15, 2016

Technology in worship is here whether you like it or not It’s amazing how much technology drives and redefines the very sounds of the music we make. From electric guitars to sound on sound recording, then synthesisers, decks, loops and now recorded elements being integrated into live music, all these new technologies serve as the […]

5 tips to help worship leaders become better singers

By Guest Blogger | June 29, 2016

 1.  In your practice: PLAY with your voice. Every sound that you possibly CAN make (no matter how ‘awful’ you THINK it sounds) can be used and incorporated as a colour into your singing palette when good technique is applied. Remember that the purpose of Worship is to connect with God and use the supernatural […]

Can we record our services if they include the sung worship and can I podcast or stream our services online?

By Guest Blogger | June 20, 2016

Continuing our series of guest articles by CCLI, this week we look at copyright in relation to streaming or podcasting services. With a little bit of preparation, you can video or audio record your church services without infringing copyright. Since church services usually include a range of musical and literary works, before you record your […]