Ask the Expert: Can we keep everyone happy by putting a contemporary keyboard in a wooden cabinet?

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Top 10 “golden nuggets” from our training days

Key training takeaways

  1. Think more about how best to position our band on stage (use the banana shape so we can all see each other)
  2. Play more simply
  3. We need to build a team outside of practise sessions
  4. Silence is important in worship
  5. We need to work together as a team, not as individuals
  6. Choose songs with a range of Bottom A to Top D to suit a congregation’s range
  7. There is so much you can do creatively beyond singing songs
  8. Take time to watch other band members
  9. We need to find musically able people to do the PA and lyric projection
  10. And finally: lots of people always say “We will definitely be encouraging the rest of our team to come to the next training day”

Come and join us and find out what you’ll takeaway

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Worship team Secret Santa

What Secret Santa gift would you buy members of the worship team?

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