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Here is a list of all Musicademy’s articles on Tech resources to date.

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General advice on Sound and Sound Tech

Why are church sound systems so challenging?– Video from live Musicademy Seminar by SFL’s Tim Horton

Church Sound: The Hierarchy of Importance

Ask the Expert: Will sound engineering skills taught for an analogue desk transfer to a digital desk?

Why your venue has more effect on your congregational participation than your sound system

Women and technology in the church- why is this such a rare concept?

Setting up from Scratch: How one church does their set up each week

What should your congregation hear in the mix?

10 tips to improve your worship team stage placement

What you need to run church sound – free survival guide handbook

Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts – Soundmen/women

The sound engineers role in the worship team – video clip

Sound man. Church hero

Worship leaders, you’re killing us

Ask the Expert: What to do when your sound guy is also the band leader

Ask the Expert: Tech team trauma

Ask the Expert: We’re thinking of hiring a professional sound operator for church

Q&A session from worship and sound training day

Questions of sound

Sustainability – the reasons we blow it

Perfection or progress?

Worship band stage positioning

Loops in worship

4 ways to reduce stage noise in church

Equipment and equipment issues

Keeping equipment in pristine condition: Geoffs eco friendly mic storage tray

Total Cost of Ownership: An approach to justifying big spending on PA and equipment

Why DI?

Digital solutions for chord charts and sheet music

In-ear monitoring for churches – Yes or No?

Ask the Expert: T-Loop feedback problems

Ask the Expert: Playing sound from a laptop

Ask the Expert: We need foldback but have limited space and cash

Ask the Expert: Why shouldn’t we set gain levels according to LED lights?

Ask the Expert: We’re a church plant with a $10k budget for PA. What should we buy?

Ask the Expert: What to do with an Arbiter Flats drum kit that is (shock) too quiet?

Ask the Expert: Laptop sound issues

Ask the Expert: Tips on reverb

Ask the Expert: Using battery powered amps for outdoor ministry

Ask the Expert: Advice on cables

Ask the Expert: Impact of downgrading to smaller speakers

Why and how to play to a click – a guide for worship teams

Ask the Expert: What size screen do you need in church?

Ask the Expert: Recommendations on projectors for church

Ask the Expert: Is there a way of storing sheet music on my iPad to use whilst leading?

Ask the Expert: Recommended headset mic for budding junior singer

5 ways to use technology in church


How to run an effective sound check at church- Free Video Lesson!

50 Tips – Worship Soundchecks

Learn an innovative sound check method that makes musicians happy at 7am!


Three things to improve your mix this week

Mixing 21st Century style

Advice on Mics

Wireless mic recommendations for singers

Mic recommendations for groups of singers

Mic recommendations for a choir

Ask the Expert: How do you mic a school play?

Mic technique video clip

Wireless microphone recommendations for singers

Mic recommendations for a choir

Good mic technique can make all the difference

Ask the Expert: Headset mics for speaking

Ask the Expert: Advice on headset mics

Ask the Expert: How to mic a piano

4 tips for making good use of your mic


3 reasons not to record a CD

Top 10 Mistakes Most Churches Make When Recording Their First Worship Album

Ask the Expert: Are we over compressing our worship music?

How to record drums

Volume problems

Altering the fabric of the building to reduce echo and reverb inside a Church

Ask the Expert: Controlling volume overspill in an old church building

Controlling volume overspill in church part 2 – identifying the noise-makers

Ask the Expert: How to prevent audio feedback in church

What to do with an Arbiter Flats drum kit that is (shock) too quiet

The loudness war


The CCLI License: What Is Legal and What is Not?

How to Properly Display Copyright Notices (for CCLI License Holders)

CCLI for the little guy

Visual Worship and Projected Lyrics

Ask the Expert- Projectors- How Bright do we need for our size of screen? Does distance matter?

Improving your projected song lyrics part onepart two, part 3

7 reasons music techs are late with the words

Creating fractal images for visual worship

Practical tips and ideas for visual creativity in worship

Visual worship case study – carols by candlelight

Sound Tech and PA Training DVDs

PA and Sound Tech Traning DVDs now available in 8 downloadable sections

NEW DVDs! Sound Tech and PA training for churches